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Red Mountain

The History

of Panorama Rock
Game Ranch

In the 1930s, there was a school on Farm Volmoed, where teacher Helm Jooste educated all the children. Jooste aptly titled his memoirs about his time at the ranch "Daar Doer in Duitswes" – Somewhere far in German Southwest.

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The Jensen Family

In 1964, Opa Harald Kurt Jensen bought the farm. At that time, the 1922 house was dilapidated and there was no game left on the land. Opa Harald set up the cattle farm and began to meticulously expand his operations. 52 camps were erected, the house was repaired, but there was still hardly any game on the farm.


After Opa Harald died in June 1996, his son Gunnar Max Jensen inherited the farm. A hill in the middle of the farm had always sparked Gunnar’s fascination. He and his wife Marinda often tested how far they could drive up to watch the sunset. One day, they ventured all the way up to the 150 m high hilltop to have a barbecue. The way there was arduous, but it was definitely worth the effort. The peak offered a picturesque view and.... wind. Gunnar immediately suggested that he would build a shelter. Marinda wisely noted that it would take more than just a shelter, as it would be impossible to descend after dark.

Friesian breeding and riding horses

For Marinda, too, a childhood dream came true when she and Gunnar bought the first Friesians from South Africa as riding horses for the farm. In 1999, they acquired Mindert van der Schildhoeve from the Netherlands and started breeding the black beauties. They were the connection for many of the guests. In 2008, Marinda started offering leadership programmes in which their horses played a key role. After Mindert's death in 2012, she stopped breeding, but riding on the farm continues.


Construction of Panorama Rock
Gunnar made his first explorations and repeatedly climbed the hill to find solutions to limit the effects of sun, wind, rain and lightning. His aim was to construct a building with a perfect view that would blend seamlessly into the landscape. Soon, construction began and Gunnar bought a Unimog to make the job easier.


The plan included two cement slabs as campsites for personal guests. A 10 000-litre water tank was placed on top of the building to ensure sufficient pressure. The "Braaiplek", a barbecue area in the Namibian sense, took shape. 

In the same year, an interested gentleman from Germany wanted to buy Volmoed. All the papers were signed and the contract was firm. Part of this agreement was to build two chalets according to specifications. Payday came, but the buyer was gone. The Jensens finished the chalets and realised that the place offered much more than just space for a barbecue. They decided to exploit the potential to the full, put their ideas into practice and finally welcomed their first guests in July 1999.



In 2008, more guest chalets were added. During this time, the game was reintroduced and the cattle were moved across the road to the other side of the farm. Gunnar completed his professional hunter's exam and slowly started hunting to control the game population and protect the grazing areas. The lodge quickly became a sought-after hunting destination.


In September 2012, Gert and Sandri Olivier joined the team, which proved to be a “match made in heaven”.  Gert brought with him a special level of hunting experience, while Sandri established herself as a gastronomy guru in Namibia. Gert is a skilled big-five hunter, which provides our guests with additional opportunities for an exceptional Namibian experience. Sandri also acquired her hunting licence during these years and qualified as a massage therapist. The business flourished and they have not only become family, but also the face of Panorama Rock. 

New start
With Panorama Rock, Gunnar made his dreams come true. When he passed away unexpectedly in May 2019, the Jensens and the Oliviers joined forces to make his vision a reality. Despite the long drought and the constraints of the Covid 19 pandemic, the team at Panorama Rock Lodge still stands firm today, facing the challenges and holding on to Gunnar's Namibian dream.

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