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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The new staff sanitation facilities, with new hot water showers, water toilets and laundry troughs were completed and the newly built clay pigeon shooting range proved to be quite a hit amongst our guests as an alternative to hunting every day. We also extended the farm barn, to provide covered parking, for our hunting vehicles. This is an important investment, as in our Namibian sun, it is fatal for any car left exposed to the elements.

Panorama Rock hosted a wine tasting at the lodge. Groote Post Wine Estate, which is situated on the Cape West Coast, close to Cape Town, in South Africa made some red and white wines available for tasting, and introduced them to us in a very professional way. It was a wonderful evening with many good things. Good spirit, - food, -wine, - friends and a good party. You will get an opportunity to enjoy some of these cultivars at the lodge on your next visit.

Gert and Sandri had a tough start to the beginning of 2017, putting FC in grade 1 and leaving him at boarding school. FC adapted extremely well, which made it a bit easier for mom and dad to deal with the situation. He also started to play cricket and shows a lot of talent.

Charl, our little explorer, and adventure-creator, decided he is a lion at the moment, so Sandi feeds a hungry little lion at home. He is also running on all fours, and we can’t help to wonder what he will imitate next? Before this, he was doing the baboon act!

Easter this year was a highlight once again. Sandri topped herself, her menu and decorations for Easter were divine! Absolutely stunning.

After a crash- course in riding, Gert made his debut to hunting on horseback, an unforgettable experience to our hunters, and to you, an opportunity to hear even more funny stories on your next visit.

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