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The Jensens

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

As for the rest of the Jensens, it was quite a full year. It started off in January with Gunnar doing his annual hunt in Hungary, and Marinda spent a few days horse riding with Volmers in Wülfrath.

After this the annual hunting show, “Jagd und Hund” started, where we saw quite a few dear friends and even family again.

When the Jaspowa hunting show in Vienna was cancelled for March 2017. Gunnar and Marinda had no other choice than to explore Vienna together with Volker and Britta Pick for a week. Great company, and we fell in love with this beautiful old city.

Martina and Bernd Fichtinger were so kind to show us more of Vienna the one day.

In May Marinda, Gunnar and Bergran, went to America. Mainly New York, Washington DC and Florida. It was an eye opener to the friendliness and openness of the Americans. The highlights were New York, the cruise liner, Harmony of the Seas, our Mexican, Jamaican and Haitian excursions and Vero Beach with Joe and Cynthia. If Bergran had the choice, he would make the cruise liner his new home. NASA was very interesting. Disneyworld is one time must see and nicely done.

Sören went to America with his friends on a Contiki tour to see Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yellow stone and Grand Canyon. Comparing notes... America is a lovely country.

Sören managed to come and visit us in September. We took the opportunity to go tiger fishing and camping as a family at Okaquito in Okavango. We enjoyed it even without the one cooler box with all the nice stuff. It was very special, and we all envied Gunnar's biggest fish, Sören' caught the most fish.

Sören is trying to balance out studies, sport, social life and perusing a new business venture, parallel to a new relationship. He is doing well and makes us proud.

We are also very proud of Bergran, who became National champion 2017, in under 14 road racing and MTB. He also took part in the selected schools team of Namibia, racing in Magaliesburg.

2018 is going to become an exciting year for him, as he is starting high school at a new school, Windhoek Gymnasium. We are holding thumbs that it was the right decision and wish him just the best.

That’s in a nutshell. We hope to hear from you, or see you in the near future at your house or Panorama Rock! Remember, if you invite us, you better mean it, because we normally take up these invitations.

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